An elephant, tiger, rhinoceros, red river hog, great white shark, snowy owl and 1,126 other species can only be found in the ZOO Wrocław.

On 33 hectares you can also admire over 150-year-old plane trees, Caucasian wingnuts, oaks or common hackberry, as well as pearls of the 19th century architecture. An unquestionable attraction of the garden is the Africarium – an all-year-round oceanarium pavilion, which is almost 2 hectares in size. Almost a kilometre long sightseeing path leads through six regions of Africa presenting characteristic animals – from fabulously colourful fish, through hippos, to Nile crocodiles and manatees.

ZOO Wrocław is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions and one of the Europe’s leading zoos with a daily entry record of over 27,000 people. It is open everyday, including Sundays and holidays.