WUWA Exhibition

We already know that the 1920s belonged to modernism in architecture (we encourage you to go to the ABOUT THE HALL tab), a trend that puts functionality of the facility first. That is why WUWA (WuWa, Germ. Wohnungs- und Werkraumausstellung = Exhibition of house and workplace), a model housing estate established near the Hall in 1929.

The 32 buildings were designed in a truly modern spirit, using unusual materials (e.g. prefabricated elements) and in accordance with the urban planning concept of the time. The estate consisted of residential houses, recreational areas and a kindergarten. The main goal of the designers was to create a living space that would satisfy all the life needs of its residents.

Citizens of Wrocław love their city so much that they have settled in a model housing estate and are testing the conceptual solutions of a century ago. We encourage you – there is a WUWA Cafe at 2 Tramwajowa Street. You can download a map and go for a great, urban-architectural stroll.

Since 2011, in the western part of Wrocław, there are works in progress to create WuWA 2 – an innovative, model housing estate, an initiative from 100 years ago.