The Centennial Hall evokes strong associations with sporting emotions. Just look at its muscular silhouette and you immediately know that it will attract people with muscles of steel. Over the years, the facility has hosted competitions of European and world rank. The history of the Polish basketball has been written down under the dome, there was also a legendary fight between Andrzej Gołota and Tim Witherspoon. Golden times of the Polish boxing.

Strong position of the Hall among the hosts of sporting events is ensured by its excellent adaptation in the sports layout, the facility can accommodate from 5 to 8 thousand spectators! Let’s add to this a unique character, found nowhere else concrete, rough cut and a good location. The result is simple – the Centennial Hall, together with the Wrocław Congress Center and attractive adjacent green areas, is a perfect place to follow all kinds of sports, and this is best confirmed by cheering crowds.

Among the most important sports events organized in the Centennial Hall are:

  • World Cup for Lifting Weights (2013),
  • KSW Galas (2013 and 2018),
  • Men’s Volleyball World Championship (2014),
  • International Crossfit Competition (2014),
  • International Dance Championship (2015),
  • European Men’s Handball Championship (2016),
  • World Sports Bridge Championship (2016),
  • International Standard Dance Championship (2015),
  • 10. World Sports Games – The World Games (2017),
  • European Championship in Pneumatic Shooting (2020).