The Centennial Hall is a building-icon. Ideal in proportions, its modernist form is an absolutely pioneering work and it is still impressive today. It is hard to find a better place to introduce children and young people to the topic of architecture and shaping urban space. Educational programme of the Centennial Hall stimulates the youngest to think creatively. Playing with designers of friendly spaces, unusual buildings and objects is not only a lot of fun, but also learning – teamwork, responsible attitude and problem solving. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, young adepts are taken on a fascinating journey, which allows to gain knowledge and experience.

    Workshops for schools and kindergartens

    The Centennial Hall offers workshops for schools and kindergartens, which are carried out with the use of modern didactic tools suitable for specific levels of education and age of participants. Classes are designed based on the current core curriculum of Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej. The education team pays a particular attention to shaping communication and group work skills as well as creative task solving. Perfect example are workshops using ozobots or the project of educational puzzle rooms. One thing is certain – learning in the Centennial Hall is an unforgettable experience.

    Architecture Studio for Children

    Architecture Studio for Children is a program of cyclic educational workshops, devoted to architecture, design and space of the contemporary city. Workshops combine the acquisition of knowledge about space-shaping with an incredible fun when playing to be designers. The Architecture Studio for Children classes are addressed to individual participants aged 6-12 years, take place on Saturdays and last 120 minutes. Each cycle is devoted to a different main theme.

    Architecture Studio for the Youth

    Architecture Studio for the Youth is a program of cyclic classes created for the recipients aged 12-16 years. Young people in an interesting and creative way acquire and broaden their theoretical knowledge, as well as make their own architectural models. These workshops develop creative thinking, teamwork skills and sensitivity to the diverse needs of residents and users of urban space. It is here that talents of Max Berg’s type develop!

    Summer and Winter semi-camp

    Summer and winter semi-camp in the Centennial Hall complex means a lot of positive emotions, team games and plays as well as daily architectural workshops. Each camp takes participants on a different, incredible adventure, during which young adepts gain knowledge and broaden their horizons – discover architectural structures and the uniqueness of nature. This semi-camp is intended for children aged 6-12 years. Good time guaranteed!