Inscription on the UNESCO List

A culmination of our admiration expressed toward the Centennial Hall so far, must be a unique laurel. Apparently, the UNESCO Committee thought the same way, inscribing Max Berg’s unique work in 2006 on the World Heritage List.

According to the UNESCO’s criterion, the Hall qualifies under three categories: I – building testifies to the genius of its creator; II – structure reflects the culture of a given epoch; IV – building is the most important example showing the history of humanity. And these are facts. We do not discuss facts.

Word on UNESCO and the Convention on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) was founded on 16 November 1945.

In the preamble to the UNESCO Act of Establishment it is stated that since wars are born in people’s minds, they should also be defeated in their minds. This UN agenda is working to develop international cultural, educational and scientific cooperation.

In order to make countries and nations of the world aware of contemporary dangers, the 1972 Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage was adopted and ratified by Poland in 1976. The Convention allows for the inclusion of places of the highest universal value on the World Heritage List. States undertake to protect these unique areas from destruction, preserving them as unchanged as possible for future generations. From the territory of Poland, there are 16 entries on the list, covering 28 sites. There are three sites in Lower Silesia. Next to the Hall are the Churches of Peace in Świdnica and Jawor. And of course – we encourage you to visit them.

Single such structure

The World Heritage List includes works of a man or natural creations that have values considered unique in the world. The construction of the Centennial Hall, which was carried out at an exceptionally fast pace, was a special technological undertaking, an example of the highest engineering and craft proficiency. The bold construction and organizational solutions applied have become a model for other such projects. Just like the design by Max Berg itself.

The most important events in the history of the Centennial Hall