Szczytnicki Park


The Park houses St. John Nepomucen’s Church, which is a relic of the Cemetery Art Exhibition held in 1913. It was built in the 16th century in the village of Stare Koźle (Opolskie Region). Timber-made church arrived in Wrocław in 1913. Scent of old wood and the church’s surroundings highlight its atmosphere and uniqueness.

About This Facility

One of the oldest municipal parks in Europe. It holds a historical complex of Centennial Hall, historical Pergola, Wrocław Multimedia Fountain, Regional Center for Business Tourism as well as Japanese Garden, St. John Nepomucen’s Church, Four-Dome Pavilion and Planetarium. 100 hectare space holds about 320 tree and shrub species, which secure the Park’s 4th rank in Europe as regards its natural values. It is a favorite recreational site of Wrocław residents.

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