Square under Iglica

Square under Iglica is an area of more than 2800 m² to be arranged by the organisers. The square is located in front of the main entrance to the Centennial Hall. This area is perfect as additional exhibition and advertising space during events organized in the Centennial Hall complex.

Location: area adjacent to the main entrance of the Centennial Hall

Technical data:

  • total area – 2838 m2
  • length – 86 m
  • width – 33 m
  • technical plan: plan to publish on the website www

Square characteristics:

  • area directly adjacent to the Centennial Hall
  • reinforced pavement
  • central point – Iglica made of steel, with the height of 96 m

Basic equipment and services:

  • area is equipped with power connections and lighting
  • water connection possible

Fairs area:

  • 2838 m2 gross

Number of people acc. to the arrangement:

  • individual acc. to the needs and abilities

Additional information on the Square:

  • in the summer season, half of the square is designated for food and beverage area – food-trucks
  • advertising, display and exhibition space
  • catering events, markets and fairs