Multifunctional room

Multifunctional room is located at the opposite end of the Wrocław Congress Center to the Auditorium and has a similar cubage. This room is naturally an ideal banquet space. Spatiality of this room and its arrangement on a square plan guarantees the organisers infinite possibilities of space arrangement. We successfully host banquets and company cocktails, galas and award ceremonies, and even proms. Flat floor, cubic area and two glazed walls provide the possibility of organising fairs and exhibitions with access to daylight. From the windows of the room there is a view of the historic Pergola, Multimedia Fountain and Szczytnicki Park, which additionally encourages the organisers to realise their own event in this very space.

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Location: level 0 WCK

Technical data:

  • area: 694 m2
  • height: 

– total to the ceiling – 5.6 m2

– to the latticework – 4.4 m2 

Room characteristics:

  • section of the room at a square plan
  • flat floor
  • two glazed walls – access of daylight and an option of shading during a presentation
  • possibility to divide the room with the use of a curtain
  • Internet Wifi
  • air-conditioning and ventilation

Basic equipment and services:

  • basic package of organisational and technical services
  • sound system and ceiling lighting
  • multimedia – projectors and a white wall as a screen
  • conference tables and chairs, and in the case of banquets – banquet tables
  • stage platforms, decorative pillars, designated smoking room

Fairs area:

Number of people acc. to the arrangement:

  • theatrical arrangement – 600 people
  • school arrangement – 360 people
  • banquet arrangement (round tables) – 350 people (with dance space and buffets) and 420 people (without dance space, buffets outside the room)
  • cocktail arrangement – 600 people
  • horseshoe arrangement – 120 people
  • concert standing arrangement – 800-900 persons depending on the size of the scene 

Additional information on the room:

  • direct vicinity of the catering facilities and the waiting-room
  • room has a direct exit to the Pergola, there is a possibility of renting a gravel yard at the Multifunctional room
  • possibility of adding a tent hall with a connector and thus enlarging the cubic area by another 600 m2
  • possibility of exposing cars in the room
  • room is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities