Main room

Main room is a spectacular auditorium located on the level 0 in the central part of the building. The main room consists of a main hall, on which, if necessary, the audience is set up from chairs and mobile stands. In the case of trade fair events and standing concerts, the flat surface of the hall remains empty. Semi-circular recesses of the main room are filled with balconies, which together with chairs on the main hall create a concert, sports or congress audience. The Centennial Hall is the only building on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the world, which can boast with having such a functionality.

Depending on the needs and the type of event, also conference or banquet tables may be set up in the main room. Thanks to the multifunctionality of this space, we are proud of the fact that the Centennial Hall hosts not only concerts and music festivals, but also banquets and balls for over 1000 people, congresses and conferences, and even sports events or shows on ice. In addition, the high load capacity of the floor, which is 1500 kg/m2, allows the entry of cars or high volume stands. Height of the dome from the main floor level is 42 m. The top-level events can be accommodated here.

Location central part of the Centennial Hall, level 0

Technical data: 

  • total area: 4370 m2  
  • height from the floor to the crown: 20 m 
  • height from the floor to the ring: 35 m 
  • height from the floor to the top of the dome: 42 m 
  • maximum span of the main hall: 95 m 
  • diameter of the dome at the height of the crown: 65 m 
  • cubage: 126 000 m3 

Room characteristics:

  • unique and historic interior
  • flat floor – concrete floor with a load capacity of 1500 kg/m2
  • daylight access, possibility of complete shading thanks to the system of blinds
  • direct passage from the dressing rooms to the stage
  • 10 wardrobe rooms with full sanitary facilities
  • cloakroom for participants
  • vicinity of the city’s car park for participants in the events

 Basic equipment and services:

  • basic organisational and technical service package,
  • scene with the audience or completely empty surface of the main hall
  • sports lighting
  • dressing rooms equipment, closed backstage area
  • two catering zones

Number of people acc. to the arrangement:

  • a seated concert arrangement – according to the needs. Below we present the maximum number of people in the audience (stands and balconies) and on the main hall (chairs)
  • mobile stands (A2, B2, C2, D2,) – 2094 people 
  • fixed balconies (A1, B1, C1, D1)  – 3148 people
  • main hall – audience with chairs – 1840 people
  • main hall – empty – 5000 – 6500 people depending on the setting of the stands
  • banquet arrangement (round tables diameter 160 cm) – max. 1500 people (stage with dance space and buffets) 
  • cocktail arrangement – max. 4000 people (stage with dance space and buffets) 
  • school arrangement – 1000 people

All variants assume a maximum number of people at the stage with dimensions of max. 10 m x 12 m, built 2 m from the end of the balcony C1. 

Enlargement of the stage area, the extended FOH stand or the additional arrangement of the room reduces the usable area for the audience and thus the number of people on the hall who can participate in the event. Please also remember about seating places with limited visibility, which should be excluded from sale at particular stage arrangements. 

Before starting to sell tickets, the arrangement should be consulted with a representative of the Event Production Team.

Additional information on the room:

  • entrance to the audience area is possible both from the main hall and backstage 
  • mobile stands – can be folded to an upright position or removed, entrance to the sectors is from the main hall level
  • mobile audience – created from chairs connected by a sheet metal structure, maximum number of chairs set up in one row is 16, each 16th chair is followed by a 2-metre passage
  • possibility of exposing cars in the hall
  • room is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities