Imperial room

Imperial room is located above the main entrance to the Centennial Hall. It is an oval space with a balcony, a view on Iglica and an exit to the Hall’s audience area. It is an ideal space for special guests, where a seated banquet and a standing banquet for 300 people can be organised. It is also used for various lectures, presentations and trainings. Moreover, often used as a VIP area during concerts, conferences or trade fairs.

Location: level +1 of the Centennial Hall

Technical data:

  • area: 300 m2
  • area of utilities rooms: 2 x 27.17 m2
  • height: 7.34 m
  • length (at the longest section): 22.25 m
  • width (at the widest section): 14.5 m

Room characteristics:

  • balconies overlooking the Iglica Square
  • possibility of going out to the Main Room (amphitheatre auditorium – sector A1)
  • two separate entrances to the room from the main corridor of the Centennial Hall + two separate entrances from the audience side (sector A1)
  • ceiling of the Imperial Room has a glazed skylight, thanks to which the space is very well illuminated by daylight

Fairs area:

Not applicable

Number of people acc. to the arrangement:

  • theatrical arrangement – 250 people
  • school arrangement – 200 people
  • banquet arrangement (round tables) – 80 people
  • cocktail standing arrangement – 200 people

Additional information on the room:

  • additional space for use – a corridor between the room and the entrance to sector A1. This space can be used e.g. as a place for catering, catering facilities, resting place, etc.
  • Due to the large reverberation in the room, we recommend installing sound absorbing curtains. Room is equipped with a line along the whole length, along the walls (quipping and installing the curtains is an additional cost of the event organiser).
  • If the room needs to be darkened during the daytime (lectures, presentations), the skylight can be darkened with a covering foil or other material from the outside (roof). This type of work is carried out by external entities and persons with professional climbing certifications. This service is performed at the expense of the event organiser.
  • adapted to the needs of people with disabilities
  • elevator close by
  • toilets close by