Conference rooms

Conference rooms A, B, C and D are located on the level -1, two in each wing of the building. Perfect for parallel sessions and lectures as well as individual training sessions, poster sessions or business meetings. May also become an additional exhibition space or catering zone. Each of the rooms can be rented separately or all together. 

Location: level -1 WCK

Technical data:

  • area: conference room B and C 162 m2 each, conference rooms A and D 177 m2 each
  • height: 2.6 m

Room characteristics:

  • access of daylight and a possibility of shading during a presentation
  • possibility of combining conference rooms A and B and conference rooms C and D into two rooms of 339 m² each
  • Internet Wifi
  • air-conditioning and ventilation

Basic equipment and services:

  • basic organisational and technical service package
  • sound system and conference lighting
  • multimedia – projector and projection screen
  • conference tables and chairs, and in the case of banquets – banquet tables
  • stage platforms, decorative pillars

Fairs area:

Number of people acc. to the arrangement:

  • theatrical arrangement – single rooms for 150 people, combined rooms for 300 people
  • school arrangement – single rooms for 90 people, combined rooms for 180 people
  • banquet arrangement (round tables) – single rooms for 60 people, combined rooms for 120 people (without a dance space)
  • standing meeting arrangement – single rooms for 180 people, combined rooms for 360 people

Additional information on the room:

  • two rooms are connected by a staircase to the Foyer at the Auditorium (from the Conference Room A) and to the Foyer at the Multifunctional Room (from the Conference Room D) on the level 0
  • meeting rooms A and D can also be accessed through a separate entrance leading from the outside, omitting the main corridor
  • room is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities