Glazed on both sides, a modern and spacious Auditorium with amphitheatre-type arrangement of seats for 989 people + 3 for people with disabilities. Equipped with a professional conference lighting system, a sound system, a projector, a screen with a maximum area of 24 m² and curtains – necessary to completely shade the room. The room also provides a separate room for the light and sound director as well as a dressing room for artists or speakers. Various lighting variants – from conference to stage – as well as a fixed stage, allow the auditorium to host meetings and lectures, as well as artistic events at the highest level. 

Location: level 0 WCK

Technical data:

  • scene with dimensions of 3.30 m x 23.80 m x 0,3 m 
  • height: 

– from the scene to the ceiling – 5.3 m

– from the floor to the latticework – 4.6 m 

Room characteristics:

  • glazed surface with the possibility of complete shading
  • amphitheatre audience – three separate sectors
  • possibility of dismantling the first rows of seats and thus deepening the scene 
  • 3 dressing rooms with sanitary facilities 
  • additional room for booths for interpreters or an organiser’s room

Basic equipment and services:

  • basic package of organisational and technical services
  • sound system and ceiling lighting
  • multimedia – two projectors and a white wall as a projection screen
  • standard stage equipment – a lectern, executive table, chairs

Trade fairs area – not applicable

  • during the fair, the Auditorium serves as the main lecture room

Additional information on the room:

  • ceiling lighting controlled via DMX protocol
  • room is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities
  • Internet Wifi
  • air-conditioning and ventilation