Sport Events

The Centennial Hall equals sport. The Hall’s strong position on the list of hosts of sporting events is ensured by its excellent adaptation. Size of the main hall and the way the grandstands are arranged, allows to organize large events that attract crowds of fans – up to 10 000 people. The facility is equipped with professional cloakrooms for players, meeting the requirements of international organizations, sports lighting system and sound system for commentators. Additional advantage is the location of the facility.

It was here that Andrzej Gołota fought professionally for the first time in front of the Polish audience. The boxing match with Tim Witherspoon was watched on TV by over 12.5 million viewers – a record audience in the Polish sports events for many years.

Among the most interesting sports events organized in the Centennial Hall complex there are:

  • The World Cup for Lifting Weights (2013),
  • KSW Galas (2013 and 2018),
  • Men’s Volleyball World Championship (2014),
  • International Crossfit Competition (2014),
  • International Dance Championship (2015),
  • European Men’s Handball Championship (2016), 
  • World Sports Brigade Championship (2016),
  • International Standard Dance Championship (2015),
  • 10. World Sports Games – The World Games (2017)
  • European Championship in Pneumatic Shooting (2020).
Gala KSW 43
10. Światowe Igrzyska Sportowe – The World Games (2017)
Mistrzostwa Europy w Strzelaniu Pneumatycznym (2020)
Mistrzostwa Świata w Siatkówce Mężczyzn (2014)

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