The Hall was created for the occasion of the Centennial Exhibition (more on this subject in ABOUT THE HALL tab), so it is literally CREATED to organise fairs and exhibitions. A wide range of thematic events (e.g. tourism, automotive, wedding) attracts the citizens of Wrocław and crowds of visitors from other areas of Poland and – because of the perfectly communicated metropolis – from abroad. Organisers have at their disposal a complex of usable areas: external areas, lobbies, main hall, Multifunctional room, Pergola. Advantage of organising fairs and exhibitions in the Centennial Hall complex includes full exhibition facilities, professional service and recognition of the facility. There are many conference rooms, exhibition areas, trade fair halls in Poland. But the Centennial Hall is only one.

Some of the trade fairs that took place in the Centennial Hall:

  • Made in Wrocław,
  • Wrocław Motorcycle Show,
  • Residential units and houses Fairs,
  • Slowfashion Independent Fashion Fairs,
  • TARBUD Building Fairs,
  • KAMIEŃ Stone Industry Fairs,
  • Healthy Inspiration Fairs,
  • International Fairs for the Fitness and Wellness Industry,
  • International Tourist Fairs,
  • Career EXPO Jobs Fairs,
  • Good Books Fairs.