Square recesses

Three square recesses are located in the lobbies at the exits from the Centennial Hall. Shape of a 200 m² square gives freedom of space...

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Spacious, functional and for an almost free arrangement corridor surrounding the Centennial Hall’s main hall, called lobbies, provides a free...

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Oval rooms

Oval rooms located at the lobbies of the facility. Each of them is accessed through two entrances – from the inside the Centennial Hall and...

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Imperial room

Imperial room is located above the main entrance to the Centennial Hall. It is an oval space with a balcony, a view on Iglica and an exit to the...

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Main room

Main room is a spectacular auditorium located on the level 0 in the central part of the building. The main room consists of a main hall, on which,...

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Foyer consists of two glazed corridors, each with an area of 345 m², which provide high, bright and modern passages to the Auditorium and...

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