Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is situated in the immediate vicinity of the historical Pergola. It represents one of few traces remaining after the World Expo in 1913. It was created by Count Fritz von Hochberg, the greatest enthusiast of Japan at the time, and Mankichi Arai, a Japanese gardener – it was a gem of that Expo. Currently it is one of the key attractions in Szczytnicki Park.

About This Facility

Pergola – a 640 meter-long structure built in 1913 in the shape of a semi-ellipse as an integral part of the Centennial Hall’s Exhibition Grounds. It consists of 750 columns covered with open lattice trusses and overgrown with luxuriant vines. Pergola surrounds Wrocław Multimedia Fountain. Similarly to Szczytnicki Park, it is a favorite walking site for Wrocław residents and often provides setting to photo sessions, such as wedding ones.

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