Culture and entertainment

Centennial Hall complex is very popular among organizers of cultural and entertainment events:

  • Opera productions (Carmen, Prince Igor, Fiddler on the Roof),
  • Theatrical productions (Frankenstein),
  • Musicals (Metro, I love You, King of POP),
  • Concerts by overseas stars (Paco de Lucia, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Joe Cocker, Leonard Cohen, Deep Purple, Jean Michael Jarre)
  • Polish music stars (Maryla Rodowicz, Edyta Górniak, Bajm, Kombi, Perfect, Lady Pank, Urszula, Zakopower, Hurt, T.Love, Feel, Myslovitz, Piotr Rubik, HappySad, Coma, Goran Bregović),
  • Festivals ( One Love Sound Fest, I Love New Year, Sensation White, WrockFest).

Uncommon space, enchanting setting and convenient location contribute to the fact that all the events become unique and attract large numbers of spectators. The main deck’s space enables to organize mass concerts in proposed concert layouts as well as it is also possible to organize smaller concerts (for up to 1000 spectators) in the Auditorium or Multi-purpose Room. Centennial Hall has always attracted top Polish and overseas artists thus it has met expectations of their fans.

Centennial Hall inspires not only organizers of conferences, fairs and concerts. Increasingly more international and domestic institutions select this facility to organize balls, banquets, networking meetings and dance contests held on the biggest dance floor in the region. It is an ideal venue to organize a seasonal or thematic ball inside or outside the Hall.

Centennial Hall cyclically houses the Charity Ball of Anna and Rafał Dutkiewicz, which during its 10 editions has raised nearly 10 million PLN for charities helping children with health problems. Its guests have included representatives of the largest companies and media. Lower Silesia Ball of Sport Champions and AMREST Company’s ball represent other examples. Organizational perfection also characterizes banquets organized by Wrocław Global Forum, which hosts representatives of the top level authorities.

Centennial Hall (main deck) and Wrocław Congress Center (multi-purpose room) enable to prepare events in enchanting and theme-specific settings to ensure that each event is unique and meets clients’ expectations down to the smallest detail. Restaurant in the premises of the Hall provides service to organized events, which allows organizers to benefit from comprehensive organization of their events, including space rental, technical preparations, event promotion and documentation, setting and catering.

Paco de Lucia

Frankenstein – Teatr Muzyczny Kapitol

Bal dobroczynny Dutkiewiczów

Ondrei Havelka