1911 2011 Gem Of Wrocław’sModernism

Centennial Hall was designed by Max Berg, an architect and constructor. This facility is the most famous work of Wrocław Modernism. Its structure was erected between 1911 and 1913, and its interiors held Centennial Exhibition to commemorate 100th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at Leipzig. Wrocław’s debate on establishing permanent recreational and exhibition grounds was started already in the 19th century. Developing city needed a major characteristic structure with capacity to hold a large number of exhibitors and visitors. Facility was to be erected in the grounds of Szczytnicki Park, in the place of a former horse racecourse. Max Berg, a municipal construction adviser at the time, was awarded the contract to develop Wroclaw Exhibition Grounds. In the early 1911, Berg presented his first sketches of the structure. Despite numerous objections, the City Council approved implementation of the Architect’s visionary design