Sporting Events

Centennial Hall is also an exceptional venue to organize various sporting events due to dimensions of the main deck and layout of the stands for spectators. Within the recent years, Centennial Hall housed key sporting events of the European and world rank:

  • „EUROBASKET” European Basketball Championships
  • FIVB Volleyball World League
  • TAURON Basket Liga (Polish Basketball League)
  • International Boxing Galas
  • KGHM Polish Indoors Tennis Tournament

Capacity of accommodating up to 10 000 spectators on the stands is one of the Centennial Hall’s key advantages to organizers of mass sporting events. Spacious lobbies and 4 drive-in access doors enable free movement of large numbers of visitors. The facility also holds separate premises and spaces serving as cloakrooms both to sportsmen and spectators. We have also separated a VIP space for special guests (Imperial Room) with direct entrance to the stands. Oval rooms with entrances both from the outside and inside of the facility enable to separate space for media representatives, including an accreditation desk, first-aid point and offices for organizers.