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Specyfikacja sali:

Ilość osób:


Wymiary (m):

8,6 X 5,8 X 3

Powierzchnia (m2):

50 M2

System nagłośnieniowy:


Proponowane zastosowanie:

Sprawdź dostępność

Isolated VIP space was established for the needs of special guests. A 50 m² room is located on the first floor of the facility in the direct vicinity of the viewing terrace. It has been arranged in the way that enables the guests to hold a meeting at the conference table with necessary multimedia equipment, as well as rest in the relaxation zone furnished with comfortable bean-bag chairs. VIP room has its own amenities to facilitate organization of catering service. A lift with an entrance from the outside of the building leads directly to the first floor, which enables entry of VIPs without them being seen by other participants staying in the facility at the same time.

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