Multi-purpose room

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Specyfikacja sali:

Ilość osób:


Wymiary (m):

25,8 X 27,5 X 5,6

Powierzchnia (m2):

694 M2

System nagłośnieniowy:


Proponowane zastosowanie:

Sprawdź dostępność

Multi-purpose room is a glazed and unique space covering 694 m², with an option of complete blackout during presentations or projections. Flat flooring enables to arrange tables and chairs in the theater or classroom style, as well as in U-shape and hollow square shape. It is possible to subdivide the room with a curtain. Professional lighting and sound system, two top quality projectors and two screens represent just a few of the advantages that enable any arrangements to meet clients’ needs to the smallest detail. Multi-purpose room also works as exhibition space or banquet hall as it is provided with a separate and direct connection with the catering facility. It is situated in the opposite end to the auditorium and it has a similar size. Windows face the historical Pergola, Wrocław Multimedia Fountain and Szczytnicki Park, the oldest park in Wrocław.


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