Main deck

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Specyfikacja sali:

Ilość osób:


Powierzchnia (m2):

2000 M2

System nagłośnieniowy:


Proponowane zastosowanie:

Sprawdź dostępność

Bale i bankiety

Main deck comprises 2000m2 of surface area and is situated at level 0 in the central section of the Centennial Hall – directly under the dome. Its multi-functionality facilitates organization of various types of projects. It works well as exhibition space during fairs and as a sports ground during matches.

Depending on needs and types of events, it is also possible to arrange chairs for spectators, conference and banqueting tables. Such events as rock concerts, club techno parties, horse parades and ice shows are organized on the main deck. A special ramp enables access to hoists and fork-lift tracks. Floor capacity reaches 7.5 kN/m. Distance between the dome and the main deck level covers 40 meters.

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