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Specyfikacja sali:

Ilość osób:


Wymiary (m):

30,6 X 11,3 X 3 (6,4)

Powierzchnia (m2):

2 X 345 M2

System nagłośnieniowy:


Proponowane zastosowanie:

Sprawdź dostępność

Foyer comprises two glazed corridors of 345 m² surface area each. They are tall, bright and modern passages to auditorium-like and multi-purpose room. Their spaces are ideal for coffee breaks, various types of expositions, exhibition stands or poster sessions. One of the walls holds cloakroom wardrobes and a counter, while in recesses on the opposite side, modern bean bag chairs have been arranged to provide a resting zone. In the foyer, as well as in the remaining parts of the facility, screens connected with a single Digital Signage system are provided.

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