A-D Meeting rooms

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Specyfikacja sali:

Ilość osób:


Wymiary (m):

A: 4,5 x 5,9 x 3 B,C,D: 5 x 5,8 x 3

Powierzchnia (m2):

A: 26,5 B,C,D:28,5 M2

System nagłośnieniowy:


Proponowane zastosowanie:

Sprawdź dostępność

On the first floor of the Regional Center for Business Tourism (Wrocław Congress Center) there are four smaller rooms which provide excellent space for small business meetings. It is possible to place a large table to seat 10 persons, organize training and presentations using classroom or theatre style layout for 20 participants in each room. They provide ideal isolated space for temporary offices for event organizers, and for small meetings. It is also possible to combine two rooms into one to increase their space to 57 m².

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